What are the Medical Centers?

A medical center is made up of a very complex set of services, areas and departments related to citizen care. However, depending on the severity and specialty required, we can find different types of centers, services and specialized areas.

Health centers are places that provide health care. They include hospitals, clinics, outpatient centers, and specialty care centers, such as maternity, senior, wellness, and psychiatric centers.

What specialties does a medical center have?

Cardiology, Head and Neck Surgery, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Geriatrics, General Medicine, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Otolaryngology, Pediatrics, Rheumatology, Mental Health, among many others.

Medical Centers App Template Overview

Goals of the Medical Centers App Template

The main objective of the application template for Medical Centers is to bring medical centers closer to citizens who, due to health problems, need to have all the necessary information about the institutions they visit.

Information that citizens commonly seek about medical centers: specialties present in the medical center, types of services, doctors and personnel who work there, addresses, locations, contact numbers, email addresses, etc.

This template is intended for institutions, organizations, or companies that own multiple medical centers. But it can also be used by an institution that only owns a medical center.

Medical centers can be found anywhere in the world from Miami, London, New Delhi or Canberra.

Sections that make up the template for Medical Centers

The template has the following sections:

  • History: shows the history of the medical center or the company that owns the medical clinics.

  • Medical Centers: list of medical centers that exist in the application, it is possible to open the location of the medical center in maps of existing applications and make calls to the contact number. Selecting a medical center will display its details.

  • Employees: within each medical center the list of doctors who work there is displayed. Selecting a doctor will show all the details of the doctor.

  • Specialties: list of medical specialties offered by the medical center. Selecting a specialty will display its details.

  • Services: list of health and social services. Selecting a service will display its details.

  • Bulletins: list of medical bulletins. When selecting a newsletter, it will be displayed in PDF format.

  • Blog: list of medical articles that are published in the blog of the medical center. Selecting a post will display the article completely.

  • Employs: the criteria established by the medical centers for hiring employees are presented. It is possible to send an email to the email that is configured in the application.

  • Contacts: telephone directories of associated medical and wellness centers. It is possible to make calls to contact numbers and copy the addresses to the clipboard.

  • Side Menu: list of sections that make up the application. List of social media icons.

Features of this template for programmers

  • Developed in Flutter, allowing the creation of the application on both Android and iOS.

  • Clean code architecture.

  • Project divided into Configuration, Providers, Models, Constants, Tools, Views and Widgets.

  • Simple administration of the displayed data.

  • This application allows grouping more than 1 medical center.

  • In addition to the UI design, there are already developed functionalities such as: calling contact numbers, copying addresses and faxes to the clipboard, opening the locations of medical centers with the existing map applications on mobile devices, visualization and caching of files in PDF format.

  • Large number of potential clients around the world.

  • Easy to use by target users.

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