Directory Structure


Contains all the settings such as shared preferences, navigation between screens, etc.


Contains all the application constants such as enumerators, colors, general information, side menu data, routing paths, information on the input screens and text styles.


Data model are defined for easier data handling and manipulation.


Contains the providers used in the application and based on the different models used.


Contains all app utility functions.


Contains all screens of the application.
  • “about”: the about folder shows the screen related to real estate information.
  • “agents”: the agent’s folder displays screens related to real estate agents.
  • “auth”: the auth folder presents the different screens related to authentication, user registration, as well as password recovery option.
  • “explore”: the explore folder contains the screens related to the browse section.
  • “faq”: the faq screen is displayed in the faq folder.
  • “home”: in the home folder you will find the home screen, property lists, locations and popular agents.
  • “intro”: the intro folder presents the getting started screens for the application.
  • “loading”: in the loading folder is the loading screen that is initially presented.
  • “properties”: in the properties folder you will find the screens of the properties.
  • “user_info”: in the user_info folder is the profile screen.


Contains all UI widget used in the application.